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Steve Chin
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33 Market Street Merimbula NSW
Group Class Timetable, Events, Workshops, Practitioners and General Information.

In Association with the Sapphire Academy of Tai Chi & Meditation Tai Chi, Qigong & Meditation Group Class Timetable: Monday........8:30 - 9:30am Tai Chi for Arthritis & Falls Prevention (Abi) Tuesday.......5:30 - 6:30pm Qigong and Meditation In Stillness & In Motion Wednesday..8:30 - 9:30am Sapphire Tai Chi 32 Forms & Tai Chi 24 Forms Wednesday..5pm - 6pm Meditation & Mindfulness - In Stillness & In Motion Thursday......8:30 - 9:30am Tai Chi for Energy & Chen Tai Chi Foundations Thursday......11am - 12pm Qigong for Health & Meditation in Motion Friday...........8:30 - 9:30am Tai Chi for Health & Stability (Sapphire 32 Forms) Workshops and Events: World Tai Chi & Qigong Day is a world wide event held on the last Saturday of April each year. It begins in New Zealand at 10am then moves around the world with events starting at 10am all around the world and ends in Hawaii at 12pm. The Merimbula event for World Tai Chi & Qigong Day 2018 will be held at Spencer Park Merimbula from 10am - 12pm Saturday the 28th of April, with different styles and forms of Tai Chi and Qigong been demonstrated and practiced with a variety of local Tai Chi Instructors, leaders and participants. This is a public event and everyone is welcome to come and join in or just watch. For more information, to organize a workshop or to book an appointment, please phone Steve on 0405 464 069 or email [email protected] Practitioners Steve Chin Diploma of Acupressure Certificate IV in Massage Therapy Tai Chi for Energy Instructor / Leaders Certificate Tai Chi for Diabetes Instructor / Leaders Certificate Qigong for Health and Fitness Instructor Certificate Tai Chi for Falls Prevention Instructor Certificate Advanced Certificate in Nutritional Sciences Tai Chi for Arthritis Instructor Certificate International Black Belt Certification Punchfit Certified Boxing Trainer Certificate in Health Sciences Sports Coaching Certificate Professional Member of Massage & Myotherapy Australia Chief Instructor of the Sapphire Tai Chi & Exercise Therapy Academy Wushu, Tai Chi & Qigong Australia Accredited Instructor Tai Chi for Health Institute Accredited Tai Chi Instructor Gold medalist in WTQA Tai Chi & Qigong Competition Exercise Medicine Australia Accredited Instructor Manager, Principle Clinician, Massage Therapist, Wellness Consultant, Tai Chi Instructor, Personal Trainer (Tai Chi, Qigong, Boxing, Functional Fitness, Self Defense, Core Stability, Reflex Training, Coordination and Agility, Falls Injury Prevention, Biomechanincs & Integrative Exercise Therapy). Melanie King Certificate IV Massage Therapy Diploma of Remedial Massage Remedial Massage Therapist Member of Australian Massage Therapists For more information, to book an appointment, or organize a workshop, please contact Steve on 0405 464 069 Practitioner Profile: Steve Chin (Manager/Clinician/Instructor) Steve has been teaching Tai Chi, Qigong and Meditation for 15 years and over 10 years experience as a Health Practitioner including Massage, Acupressure, Nutrition and Exercise Therapy. Steve has trained with various Tai Chi, Qigong and Kund Fu Masters, and is the creator of the Tai Chi for Health & Stability program (Sapphire Tai Chi 32 Forms) and Sapphire 5 Element Qigong for Health and Wellbeing. Steve has been a Qualified Tai Chi for Health Instructor since 2003, and has won 4 Gold medals in the Wushu Tai Chi & Qigong Australia competition. Steve is committed to continuing research and innovation in the fields of Health Science, Nutritional Medicine, Botanical Medicine, Tai Chi, Meditation, Mindfulness, Medical Qigong, Functional Fitness, Biomechanics, Neuromuscular Medicine and Exercise Therapy.
The Merimbula Massage & Sports Therapy Centre is committed to delivering the highest standard of professional health care at great value.

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