Medicine Music & Healing Facilitation

Steve Chin
Level 1,
33 Market St
Merimbula 2548
0405 464 069
33 Market Street Merimbula NSW

Medicine Music & Healing Facilitation.

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The Medicine Music and Healing Facilitation tools of breath, sound, movement and meditation are among the most effective ways to release stress, tension and trauma from the body, mind and nervous system. These deep healing methods have many benefits for health and wellbeing and can help to restore a parasympathetic nervous system response (relaxation, rest and digest response) and help to tune into deep states of peace, healing, health, harmony and oneness. 

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Medicine Music and Healing Facilitation sessions can be conducted in the clinic, over the phone or online.

To organise a group healing session or workshop, please contact Steve on 0405 464 069.

Sound Bath Meditation and Music Therapy is also available by appointment.