Merimbula Massage & Sports Therapy Centre

Steve Chin
Level 1,
33 Market St
Merimbula 2548
0405 464 069
33 Market Street Merimbula NSW

Integrative Exercise Therapy, Fitness and Personal Training.

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In Association with the Sapphire Tai Chi & Exercise Therapy Academy

Integrative Exercise Therapy sessions are available by appointment. Exercise Therapy is suitable to help manage musculo-skeletal conditions as well helping to maintain general health and wellbeing. Exercise Therapy sessions can be beneficial to help manage various health conditions such as Diabetes, Osteoporosis, Arthritis, Peripheral Neuropathy, Cardiovascular Disease, Parkinson's, Postural Alignment, Chronic Fatigue and Weight Management. Exercise Therapy can also help to improve blood circulation, flexibility and stability of the joints, balance, strength, endurance, stamina, weight management, general health and fitness, and to achieve peak performance in any physical activity. Exercise Therapy sessions are tailored to the individuals needs, requirements, goals, priorities and physical condition.

Private Group Integrative Exercise Therapy Sessions. If you have a specific condition you would like help to manage, and know others with a similar condition, customised group exercise therapy sessions can be tailored to your specific needs and requirements so you can receive maximum benefit. Some examples of suitable conditions for private group therapy sessions include Arthritis, Osteoporosis, Type 2 Diabetes, Peripheral Neuropathy, Chronic Fatigue, Stress Management, Balance and Falls Injury Prevention, Parkinsons, Pain Management, Tactical Self Defense, Coordination and Reflex Training, Weight Loss, or General Health and Fitness.

Personal Training sessions are also available. Personal Training sessions are also tailored to the individuals needs, requirements, goals, priorities and physical condition. There are various aspect of health and fitness that can be focused on during training sessions, including core strength, balance and stability in motion, endurance and stamina, stretching and flexibility, tai chi, boxing, martial fitness, tactical self defense, coordination and agility, weight loss or general health, fitness and vitality.

Merimbula Massage & Sports Therapy Centre pricing (October 2020):
Exercise Therapy...................$65 per hour
Exercise Therapy...................$35 for 30 Minutes
Personal Training...................$65 per hour
Weight Loss Programs............$90 per hour
Remedial Massage.................$90 per hour
Relaxation Massage...............$80 per hour
Qigong group classes.............$15 per lesson
Tai Chi group classes..............$10-15 per lesson
Meditation group classes.........$15 per session
Mindfulness Clinical Therapy....$50 for 30 Minutes

Group Health & Fitness Class Timetable 2020:

Tuesday.......5 - 6pm Tai Chi for Beginners

Wednesday..9 - 10am Tai Chi 24 Forms

Wednesday..5pm - 6pm Zen Meditation & Mindfulness

Thursday......11am - 12pm Qigong for Health and wellbeing

Thursday......5pm - 6pm Boxing and Kung Fu for fitness and agility

Friday...........9 - 10am Sapphire Tai Chi 32 Forms

Friday...........11am -12pm Sapphire Tai Chi (Intermediate level group class)

For more information, to join a group class or to book an appointment,
Phone Steve on 0405 464 069 or email [email protected]

Steve Chin
Diploma of Acupressure
Certificate IV in Massage Therapy
Tai Chi for Rehabilitation Instructor Certificate
Tai Chi for Energy Instructor / Leaders Certificate
Tai Chi for Diabetes Instructor / Leaders Certificate
Qigong for Health and Fitness Instructor Certificate
Advanced Certificate in Nutritional Sciences
Tai Chi for Arthritis Instructor Certificate
International Black Belt Certificate
Punchfit Certified Boxing Trainer
Certificate in Health Sciences
Sports Coaching Certificate

Practitioner Member of Massage & Myotherapy Australia
Wushu, Tai Chi & Qigong Australia Accredited Instructor
Gold medalist in the WTQA Tai Chi & Qigong competition
Tai Chi for Health Institute Accredited Tai Chi Instructor
Exercise Medicine Australia Accredited Instructor
Member of Practitioner Research and Collaboration Intiative

Merimbula Massage & Sports Therapy are committed to delivering the highest standard of professional health care at great value.